Saturday september 30
puce Marathon Pasta party - dancing

La Bastide Neuve à Villelaure from 7.30 pm
959 Chemin des Curotes Neuve
84530 Villelaure
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  - Apéritif
- Pasta salad
- Tagliatelle or vegetarian
- Norwegian Omelette
- Coffee
- Wines from the coasts of the Luberon (Alcohol abuse is the dangerous for health - taste in moderation)
  Sunday octobre 1st
puce Marathon

Post-race meals
to Tour d'Aigues
- Paella
- Daube Provençale
- Lasagna
- braised ham
Dessert custard pastry
9€ meal
10€ meal + the dessert
2,50€ the dessert

puce Marathon Pump Room
  Sale of sandwiches, beverages and grapes.